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Monday, 6 August 2018

A Swift Farewell!

Its now been over four days since I last saw or heard a Swift over the village so it seems that for that species at least, summer is almost over? I am still hopeful of seeing the occasional bird passing through until the end of the month but I am pretty sure our breeding birds have now raised their young and headed south.

The vacuum they created however has been quickly filled by Starlings and the last few days has seen a sudden and impressive increase in numbers which I suspect reflects an influx of northern and eastern European birds?

It will be interesting to see what this summers unusual weather has done to effect seed crops in the northern and eastern countries and how it might effect our winter visitors. Will it be a Waxwing year, might we expect an influx of Northern Bullfinch or Siskins? Or might we expect another year of Hawfinch coming up from Iberia in search of food?

Its just speculation at this point but I am pretty sure that these extreme conditions will have some ramifications in the months that come. We will have to wait and see!  - Chaz