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Friday, 27 July 2018

Invasion of giant Robins!

During my youngest's recent visit we paid a visit to Nottingham and found the town besieged by giant Robins!

Photo: Susan Lord
OK - the pun was obviously intended - Nottingham (sheriff of) - famous Robin? But following on from Owls and Bears in Birmingham, Horses in Southampton and Wolves in
Photo: Susan Lord
Wolverhampton, this year Nottingham have decided that Robins were an appropriate way to raise money for charity so if you happen to be over there, keep your eyes open (although they are too big to miss).

Photo: Susan Lord
Not much news from
the Marsh again
although Ray assures me that both pairs of Grebes have apparently got three young (have any Great Crested Grebes ever had so much press)?

Anyway, with the beginning of August next week I will be getting my finger out and start doing my bit again (once this bloody awful weather abates)! - Chaz