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Saturday, 21 July 2018

Go to Stand-by - Siesta almost over (Updated)

It seems to have been a long siesta this year but I currently have my son from Canada over so I am not yet ready to seriously recommence the blog but there are good numbers of Green Sandpiper and Godwit going through the midlands so it looks as if Autumn has started (despite the awful weather).

Most news from the Marsh during the interregnum has come from Ray Fellows who has confirmed successful fledging by at least one young Oystercatcher and also seen at least two Great Crested Grebe chicks sheltering with an adult.

Anyway - if you are over, please let me have your sightings so I can pass them on and I will be commencing my regular visits later this week (although the current weather will probably result in most migrants going through very high).

Bring on the rain !!! - Chaz

UPDATE 22/07

A quick response to my request for feedback from Wendy Hanby:

Hi Chaz
Overjoyed to be able to report 2 pair of great crested grebe on the mere both with 2 chicks. (One of my favourite birds so I'm extremely biased) Also have seen tufted duck with 4 young.
Thanks to Wendy as always. - C