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Tuesday, 31 July 2018

At last something local worth going for!

Well it didn't take dynamite to get me out of the house but a visit from Bernard Smith! He was in the area and had a half hour to waste so dropped in for a cup of tea and for a change I got some local birding information before it was a week out of date!

Apparently Julien Allen found no less than three Garganey at Stubbers Green near Aldridge yesterday and they were still present this morning. For those not in the know, Garganey are a summer visitor, migrating to the U.K. from Africa each year and they can often be an elusive species to connect with locally so three at one site is reasonably noteworthy.

Not much to look at this time of year but worth the effort for a birder

I played it cool though and set off for Shelfield at about two this afternoon and in accordance with Bernard's advice, didn't bother to take my scope.


I had heard that the birds were elusive but they were in fact neigh-on invisible and 'take the Hubble Telescope' might have been better advice if you wanted good views. Despite this, after about twenty minutes I managed to find one bird with a broken supercillium and with the arrival of 'Pushbike' Pete Newman I was also able to enjoy brief views of this through his telescope before it once again went to ground.

A few minute later I picked up a couple of Teal-sized birds up-ending at the edge of the main water and with a little telescopic help from Pete was able to confirm that the three birds were indeed still present.

Not much else there to shout about but three feeding Sand Martin were a bit of a bonus for the day (my first since the spring).

Anyway, the last month of Summer begins tomorrow and we are only now 31 days from my favourite time of year - the Autumn (and 'Strole-on Christmas' ).

I may even have a look on the Marsh tomorrow to see if we have benefited from this influx of Migrant Garganey? - Chaz