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Friday, 4 May 2018

Getting ahead of the sunshine!

Yep, its getting around to that time of year, Chaz draws the curtains and hides from the summer. Today was pleasantly warm and slightly overcast so I was content enough.

Not too much happening, most migrants seem to have already settled into full breeding mode. Two male Reed Warbler were singing on the main swag and the star bird was probably the very obliging Sedge Warbler along the mineral line (although one possible distant call from a probable Redstart along the Ford Brook couldn't be confirmed).

Our regular family of Linnets have moved into their usual territory and the two Greylag were on the Mere (but nothing else of note).

Hirundine numbers have dropped significantly with only three Swallow seen today. But that was it, very pleasant over there but nowt happening really. Still Spring ain't over yet and I am still hoping we might get a seasonal treat or two.

Anyway, enjoy your sunny weekend, think of those poor people who don't though! - Chaz