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Saturday, 28 April 2018

One Swallow may not make a summer, but sometimes...

..One bird makes the day! One species arrived today that made the walk across the marsh and Mere worthwhile, a lovely Common Sandpiper calling regularly as it flew across to the island and along the north shore of the Mere.

In the big scheme of things not a rarity or even something that you would not expect at this time of year, but given that the only other news to give you was a major influx of feeding Swallow over the Mere, I feel that it deserves a little bit of an enthusiastic reception!

I suspect that the current weather has a lot to answer for in the context of migration movements or the lack there-of and things don't appear to be changing until the end of next week?

Be really pleased if one of you could prove me wrong though!

Have a good Sunday all. - Chaz