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Sunday, 29 April 2018

One step closer

Anyone who has been bored enough to read my life story (See 'Clayhanger Birdman' if you really have nothing better to do) will know that throughout the time I have been birding I have set myself various challenges and that I have so far achieved all but one, and that is to see 200 species at Chasewater.

The Cettie's Warbler today puts me on 196 which makes this ambition seem easily achievable but the truth is that over the last ten years or so I have been averaging one new species a year for the site!

This would not be so bad were it not for the fact that there are some regular occurring and annual species (Red Kite - Whimbrel ) - some probably under-recorded species (Pied Flycatcher - Wood Warbler - Marsh Tit - Pink Footed Goose ) that I need to get to grips with and even one resident species (Tawny Owl) which  I have been up for twice so far this year based on good intelligence gratefully received from Ian Ward and still without success!

I have already given an overview of today's events, (See last posting) but what I didn't mention was that I actually walked to and from Chasewater today and as far as I can remember, that's the first time I have managed that in three or four years!

This has principally been made possible by the new medication that I am taking, and although I was still knackered when I got home it at least holds out the hope that I may be able  to get up to the pool a bit more regularly than I have been recently.

So if you see any of the above species, please let me know - I have even been known to hire a Taxi to get a good tick up at the pool (that was last years Brent Goose - a real grudge match)!.

Anyway - that's a final thought for a Sunday night, so have a good week all, weather improves after Tuesday. - Chaz