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Friday, 27 April 2018

I may not like summer!

An overdue arrival on Chasewater's Species list!
But even I have had enough of this bloody weather, god alone knows what sort of a struggle the insectivorous birds that have just arrived are having?

At least there is still one heroic figure visible through the swirling rain, his trusty black Labrador at his side. Yep, good old Ray Fellows has been over today and apart from a couple of lingering Snipe only had all three hirundine to report for his efforts. The only thing I can add is three Common Tern flying off site at 17.15. There has been a lot of Common Tern activity along the canal near the Maybrook over the last few days which I suspect are our birds?

As for my intentions, I have other priorities. I learnt today that Cetties Warbler has been recorded for the first time at Chasewater, so the first available break in the weather and you can guess where I will be going?

Anyway, the weekend does not look much better but do your best to enjoy it! - Chaz