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Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Gropper below the radar.

My son gets really annoyed because I have a beep tone on my phone when I text anyone. Last week he took it upon himself to switch it off but unfortunately also turned my ringing tone to zero and also disabled my receive text tone. So on Friday I managed to miss seven phone calls and a text from Ray Fellows to say that there was a Grasshopper Warbler singing from the set-aside field. Ray has been back since but so far no further sign.

I walked across to Pelsall again and bumped into Ray who was over yesterday and didn't see much and today I did a one-way visit and apart from the familiar summer migrants, the only thing of note was the presence of all three hirundine over the Mere for the first time this year (to my knowledge). No sign of an early Swift though (which was what I was really hoping for).

Weather is back to miserable but that could bring stuff down so I will do my best to keep you posted - Chaz