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Thursday, 14 September 2017

YES - OK! I have sneaked off again

Don't you hate it when something pops up that you can't immediately identify?
But I'm Back now! However it is currently approaching 02.00 on Thursday Morning and I returned from the Canary Islands just over an hour ago.

I will do an update tomorrow (when I can see the screen properly) and bore you all to death with the birds that I managed to encounter including the one above (as a certain - now disgraced- personality said: "can you tell what it is yet?"). I know what it is and suspect that I may have discovered a previously unknown breeding colony of this unusual species at the place we were staying? But more of that when I wake up.

Sleep tight - Chaz

PS. either yesterday or today (I have had my phone off most of the time) I received a message to say that there was a juvenile Arctic Tern on the Mere. Not sure who sent it but thank you for letting me know - C