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Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Just a Swift one!

As some of you know, as a teenager I frequented that well known academic institution (renowned for turning out rocket scientists and their ilk) W.R. Wheway School, in Leamore. There were plenty of things during that period of my life that I was not very good at but pre-eminent amongst them was Maths. To this day I have to take my socks off to count above ten and my upper limit for counting is still twenty-one!

I was so enamoured with the subject that one day I became so distracted watching a Spider constructing its web on the window sill that I hadn't noticed how quiet the room at gone. I turned around to find the Maths teacher and everyone in the class watching me, watch the spider.

It would have not have been unusual for me to get 'The strap' for such an offence but on this occasion the teacher stood there, his head sadly moving from side to side as he said; "Little things and little minds Mason" - a succinct analysis that I was to occasionally be reminded of by my peers over the next few years.

Well it won't surprise you to know that very little has changed in the ensuing fifty years, so I am going to share an incident that has given me disproportionate pleasure today. At exactly 17.10 I was randomly going through a flock of House Martin over the village when at high speed, a Common Swift briefly joined them before flying off south-west.

I love Swifts and every one I see now is potentially the last until next April, so I hope you will excuse the (perhaps undiserved) level of pleasure that the sight of it gave me?

Goes to show though, it ain't over till the fat lady sings, migration continues - Chaz