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Sunday, 13 August 2017

Cant get enough exotic avifauna

Another trip to Park Lime Pits today to see the Rose-Ringed (Ring-necked) Parakeets again. Three birds today , two seen and another one heard. Good to know they are still about and apparently doing well - yes?

"Wot You Looking at?" - Photo Susan Lord
These birds are causing some controversy nationally as there is no doubt that in places they are taking over nest sites suitable for other species such as Woodpeckers and Owls but personally I really can't see the conflict as anything of serious concern. Can any of you ever remember coming across this species in rural areas? Am I wrong or are the Parakeets exclusively favouring urban areas where there are plenty of bird feeders and ornamental trees to take advantage of?

Two of todays birds - Photo Susan Lord
If I am right, that leaves an awful lot of rural England in which the other species can thrive while these exotic colonists add more than a bit of colour to our Urban Avifauna?

What do you think? I ask because I suspect that inevitably battle-lines will be drawn and we will be having to decide if we support or oppose a cull on this species. We have already seen the effective genocide of the U.K. population of Ruddy Duck so the same approach to the control of feral parakeets may not be out of the question and you will then need to decide which side of the debate you support.

Just an opinion but perhaps a valid one? Until then, I suggest you go and enjoy these lovely creatures while you can. - Chaz