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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Can you believe its been a year?

Its a celebration day at Oak Park Recreation Centre today, commemorating a whole year since the new leisure centre opened, They asked me not to go as they would be obliged to offer me face painting and apparently the council cant afford the scaffolding and polyfiller!

It must be an age thing but I still miss the old place having spent so many happy hours there and to be honest, the councils cost-cutting at the new place is beginning to show (the second replacement-set of hair dryers are breaking down, on Monday only one of the four showers in one section were working, the parking bollards are out of order and the four windows broken by vandals in the first week are still broken)!
I am not painting too dark a picture, despite all of its short comings the staff are excellent and hold the place together, something I suspect the council probably doesn't appreciate if my experience is anything to go by?

Anyway, its a fun-day or so I'm told, so if you are at a loose end, perhaps a good day for a visit?
What, me, will I be there? - I'm the anti-social Birder don't forget, I've put my visit off until tomorrow (of course) - Chaz