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Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Back from the Seaside

Yep - no marsh report this weekend, I was playing hooky at the seaside. Mrs Chaz, Chris, Susan and I spent a nice weekend in North Wales, based around Llandudno.

When I was a kid I hated Llandudno (and Colwyn Bay). Lets face it, if you knew someone who had a car in the fifties and sixties they were pretty posh and most of us plebs had to rely on coach trips. From Walsall. This usually involved the possibilities of Blackpool, Rhyl, New Brighton (Honest!) and Llandudno & Colwyn Bay. For a kid I don't think Llandudno ever had much to offer but it seems to have reinvented itself as a more adult orientated and sophisticated venue, not a stick of rock in sight these days.

On the way there I had picked up Fulmar for the year, as usual nesting on the rock faces above the A55 but I thought that would be it from a birding point of view. Sea watching may seem to be an unlikely pastime there at this time of the year, but Saturday afternoon was to provide me with a big surprise.

As we had a sea view I set the scope up in the window and was amazed to find a strong westward passage movement of seabirds including good numbers of Gannets (many plunge diving just off the Great Orme), a scattering of Common Scoters, some unidentifiable Auks (probably Guillemots) and most surprising of all a steady passage of Manx Shearwaters (about fifteen over a half hour period). I always find watching Shearwaters an exciting pastime, always a hope of something more unusual or exotic amongst them if you look hard enough.

Anyway, I haven't received any reports of anything exciting over the Marsh and Mere but I will get over and have a look in the next few days so 'watch this space' - Chaz