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Tuesday, 22 August 2017

And todays fall of migrants is:

Willow Warblers! Yep, a couple of Chiffchaff as well but first thing this morning there were Willow Warblers everywhere, some trying out their singing voice but most making that unusual 'Su-eeet' call that they tend to favour at this time of the year. There are still a good number of Common Whitethroat about too, scolding me from almost every bush along the mineral line. This must have been one of the best breeding seasons for that species in recent memory?

I couldn't sleep after a restless night so found myself on the Marsh by 06.45 despite the early morning mist that reduced visibility significantly. I also re-learnt a rule that I had forgotten, if you don't like Spiders, don't be the first person over the Marsh! I must have walked through fifty webs by the time I got to the tin bridge.

Can you see the Water Rail? - No, me neither!
Still no returning waterfowl but a Water Rail was once again calling from the edge of the main swag proving impossible to see as usual.

I came back across Clayhanger Common in the vain hope of encountering a Willow Tit but almost nine months into the year and still no sign of the species on the Spot or on the marsh. Locally extinct perhaps? I will have to have another go at finding the Chasewater birds, although two previous attempts have also proven fruitless.

Anyway - every day seems a bit different at the moment and it seems inevitable that one lucky observer will eventually connect with something out of the ordinary, I don't expect it to be me but I will keep trying anyway.- Chaz