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Friday, 7 July 2017

Moving to Stand-By Status

Almost time to start the uphill task of kick-starting the blog for the Autumn. Migration seems to have made an early start this year with Black Tailed Godwits and Green Sandpipers starting to head south through the midlands before the end of June.

Those of you who have been checking out the monthly updates will be aware that despite the overpowering presence of breeding Black Headed Gulls, the Common Tern have managed to get off at least one chick this year.

The most unusual event to occur since I closed the blog was a single observer report of a Marbled White Butterfly over grassland at the edge of the Mere. I was unable to substantiate the claim but the observer was very definite about the identification (and they are pretty well unmistakable).

This is a common species in the south of England but in recent years they seem to have extended their range northwards including several colony's north of us in Nottinghamshire, so this would constitute a very important local record if we could confirm this sighting.

Anyway - expect the return of the blog proper in the next week or so, for now I am back to hiding from the heat! - Chaz

PS - Note the slight celebratory status of the blog header! Doesn't time fly?