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Friday, 28 July 2017

Just When you thought... (There was nothing to report)!

Welcome to September, sorry, the last weekend of July! But it certainly felt like September today. Overcast grey Sky's, a cool edge to the wind, browning vegetation and most of all, the silence of a deserted nursery. There may still be a handful of unfledged Black Headed Gull chicks on the Island but the Mere is strikingly quiet for the first time since late February.

The only noise at all was the irritating twittering of loads of young Goldfinch and the occasional wickering call of a Little Grebe on the Marsh.

Young birds today were limited to Coot, Moorhen and views of a recently fledged Whitethroat. It was so quiet in fact that I was struggling to compose a posting for you. And then I crossed back onto the set-aside.
Not today's bird but Spot the Gropper - Photo: Kev Clements
At first I thought I was imagining the song but then it came again, unmistakably the hesitant song of a Grasshopper Warbler apparently singing from vegetation around or within the Sewage Farm Compound. A singing adult this time of year is not impossible but the hesitant and faltering nature of the song today sounded to me like a young bird having a first attempt at singing? Could they have bred after all?

Anyway - an excellent and unexpected find on an otherwise quiet day. Still thirty four days until autumn so enjoy your summer (those of you that way inclined).

Have a good weekend all - Chaz