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Monday, 10 July 2017

Desperate for a Leake

Well, actually an East Leake (LE12 6RG)! Finally succumbed to temptation and hitched a lift to the Nottinghamshire Border Country to connect with this summers star attraction, the Bee Eaters. What a doddle! I was even able to put my award winning Photographic skills to the test by pressing my camera against the eye-piece of my telescope.

My first U.K. Bee Eaters involved an overnight drive followed by a day at work without sleep - these birds were embarrassingly easy, perching on the dead branches of a large tree in the fringes of a Gravel Quarry and with at least four birds on show at any time.

You had to feel genuinely sorry for the Bees and if you look carefully at the Photo (Top) you will see one of the birds flying back to the branch with one in its beak.

Well worth the effort if you haven't yet been and less than an hour away, mostly by main roads.

Excellent stuff and a great way to get into Autumn birding after my brief hiatus - Chaz