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Thursday, 11 May 2017

Some of us are so cool...

...we can lie in bed at 08.00 and listen to Grasshopper Warbler! Alright, it doesn't happen very often, but it did today. By eight o'clock most of the dawn chorus stuff had quietened down (apart from my bloody resident Starlings) and one of the birds on the set-aside had obviously moved across a bit closer to the recreation zone (possibly one that has failed to find a mate or lost a brood)?

Other news from Mr Clements yesterday confirmed the arrival of one of our last regulars with a Hobby hawking over Ryders Mere last night. By my reckoning that means that the gangs all here?

Kev also had seven Common Tern, three Gadwall, three Lapwing, two Teal (Still!) but apparently all the Coots must have migrated off to somewhere else? (Otherwise Mr Clements would certainly have counted them? I suspect he did really but is trying to change his image and so kept the counts to himself).

Alright Kev - I get the message, if you want to be like that!!! - Chaz