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Thursday, 11 May 2017

Kev, how could I misjudge you?

Pass me the sackcloth and scourge, I must make penance for such a profoundly unjust assumption. Our esteemed county recorder has put me to shame tonight, and counted the Coot! Yes folks a thorough count revealed no less than twenty birds present on site, with two birds having broods of two chicks.We will all sleep better for knowing that (probably before you get to the end of th.... 'Snore').

Well done Kev, I was concerned that your enthusiasm for old Fulica atra had deserted you, I may not share your passion mate, but totally respect it.

Having done the important job, Kev was also able to record the presence of; Common Sandpiper (1), Common Tern (8), Great Crested Grebe (4), Tufted Duck (24), Oystercatcher (2), and two drake Gadwall on  the Marsh.

Kev also assessed the breeding success of our Canada Geese and five different broods appear to have produced no less than twenty-one young (no wonder they are taking over the world).

Big thanks to Kev for his counts (and also for being such a good sport about the leg-pulling) - Chaz