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Monday, 20 March 2017

If you didnt know...

You have just missed International Happiness Day! Well lets be honest, it would have been an inappropriate event on my blog. International grumpiness day is more in keeping with my persona as anyone who has met me will doubtless agree?

More importantly, something that has taken me by surprise is that this is one of those years when the equinox falls on the early side of the 21st so today was the vernal equinox! That means that tomorrow there will be slightly more day than night so some evening birding may be on the cards for those of you who are normally prohibited such activity by work obligations and falling darkness. If more proof were needed we 'spring forward' on Sunday as we once again move from GMT into BST.

Perhaps the one plus point if Scotland declares Independence is that they can establish Scottish Time to accommodate their needs and the rest of us in Independent U.K. can stop monkeying around with the clock twice a year (lets face it, the first world war is long over and we only tolerate it these days to stop children in Scotland from getting run over)!

Unless you have been to the north of Scotland in deepest winter you may not realise what a problem it really is - I have been up there when it was just getting light at 08.45 and in Norway you can almost add an hour to that with darkness descending by 15.00 - such is life closer to the arctic.

No bird news yet but given today's weather that's hardly surprising. There was something of a movement of Sand Martin on Sunday at a number of sites and with high pressure booked in for the weekend, I suspect that window of opportunity for the migrants is not very far away. - Chaz